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Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

Play with Baby Born Twins and Doll Stroller Toy

Do you love pretend play with baby dolls? Baby Born Twins are having fun time playing with baby toys. Mama Doll is getting them dressed and fed by cooking tasty soup and baby puree in the doll kitchen all these cute doll kitchen utensils…

Baby Dolls

Hide and Seek! Baby Doll Twins Play in the Dollhouse!

Two cute little baby doll twions are playing hide and seek in their nursery bedroom, hiding under the bunk bed and inside the wardrobe. Mama doll Baby Born Big Sister sets breakfast using the doll kitchen by Our Generation. Funny story to play with…

Baby Dolls

Petitcollin Dolls and Baby Dollhouse Toys!

Baby Dolls Petitcollin play time with fun baby toys. Mama doll Petitcollin brings them new toy, a dollhouse. It is so much fun to set the doll house with furniture and toys and then play with all of it. The house is by the…

Baby Dolls

Baby Doll in a Suitcase! Play Petitcollin Dolls!

Petitcollin dolls come home from a trip. But what a surprise …. they picked the wrong suitcase, and inside there is a cute little baby girl. Baby boy always wanted to have a sister, so he’s excited that she’s staying with them … but…

Baby Dolls

Baby Doll Stroller Pram Toy with Sun Umbrella

Our cute little Bitty Baby from American Girl Dolls just got a new baby doll stroller. A pink buggy with umbrella for sun and plastic cover for rain. We set our baby doll in the pink pram and take her outside in the park…