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American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls

Our Generation Doll Gardening and Cooking Toys!

WIth spring slowly settling we thought you might enjoy¬† some gardening play. Our generation doll and gardening play set are the perfect solution for that. OG doll hops on her pink bike toy to get to her garden to pot some vegetables. She plants…

American Girl Dolls

Play Bonnie Pearl Dolls Picnic Toys!

Bonnie Pearl Dolls get ready for picnic. They get dressed up in the morning in their dollhouse and pack all the play food in Our Generation Pink Retro car. Baby Dolls set up their picnic with blankets, some balls for play, sun umbrella, lounging…

American Girl Dolls

Our Generation Pet Vet Salon

Do you love pets? And do you know how to look care for them? Our Generation doll has a pet vet spa salon. In the morning pet dogs and cats arrive and sit in the waiting lounge. Dressed like people, or almost, listening to…