American Girl Dolls

Who Ate My Shoes? Play with American Girl Doll Puppy and Dress up Shoes!


This is a fun video to watch as it tells the story of how a little puppy chewed on her owner’s shoes. As it usually happens with cute pet dogs, our puppy toy started playing with the yellow boots and eventually chewed up on them. Our Bonnie and Pearl 18 inch doll wakes up and her doll pink bedroom, puts on her robe and starts to look for her puppy to feed her. But, surprise surprise, the puppy is not responding. We thought this is a fun way for our play to get our BAby doll to go shoe shopping. But …. they are so many, which one to choose. It’s so much fun to try on different shoes for our play doll, change her outfits to go with the shoes and bags. Way to play with pet dogs and dress up toys for girls:

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