American Girl Dolls

American Girl & BP Dolls Play Horse Hairstyles! Funny fall accident with washing machine toys!


American Girl doll Isabelle and Bonnie and Pearl doll, both 18 inch standing dolls are visiting Our Generation Horse stables. Both Baby dolls care for their horses, braid their hair and practice hairstyling just like for real doll hair. AG doll feeds her horse and brushes and cleans him. When ready with the pretend horse care play, AG and BP dolls start riding their beautiful horses. Accident happens, both dolls gallop and fall. Ooops! Horse riding pants are dirty. Baby dolls go back to their dollhouse and put the pants in OG washer and dryer and finally iron them. Great pretend play story for kids with dolls to learn to clean their mess, that accidents are OK and that looking after horses or pets is so much fun. Enjoy it like we did with the Youtube video below:

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