Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll House Cleaning Toys! Barbie Girl washing machine & vacuum cleaner to fix an accident!


Barbie Doll is dressing up in her pink bedroom in the Dream House. Barbie girl realizes all her wonderful dresses are dirty and need washing in the washing machine. Barbie accidentally puts too much washing powder that spills on the floor. For detergent we used colorful orbeez to make our pretend play safe and yet close to real life. Barbie doll got her hoover or vacuum cleaner toy and got to clean up the mess as barbie dollhouse is always sparkling clean. While the clothes were being washed, Barbie girl relaxed on the sofa   watching Barbie and Ken getting married as story of our own Youtube channel Play Toys. We used our Apple phone to play the video and set it up in the dollhouse living room TV station. Finally Barbie irons her dresses. We created this video to promote chores with little girls as being important to have clean clothes, to fix your own mess after and accident and yet have some fun in between with the love story for Barbie and Ken Wedding day. Enjoy it.

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