Baby Dolls

Baby Doll Luvabella – Interactive speaking doll!


Let’s play with interactive baby doll Luvabella. her face is so soft that you can pull the skin like on a real baby doll. Luvabella also moves her face like a real baby and makes the real noise when she eats, either being spoon fed or with her milky bottle. She even sound like real baby when she sucks on her dummy. Such a great baby doll as she speaks to you many phrases like “pick a boo”, animal names and sounds and so much more. Her eyes have sensors so she can respond to her lambie toy and see you when close. With her your child and toddler can never be bored, she entertains and makes the perfect pretend play for caring for a baby and being a little mommy or daddy. Enjoy her giggles in our Youtube video:

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