Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll Decorating the Dollhouse for Halloween Party with Fancy Dress Costumes!


Barbie Doll wakes up in the Barbie Dream House in her pink bedroom and dresses up as Cinderella for her Halloween Party. Barbie girl decorates her dollhouse with pumpkin orange spider net, plastic spiders and halloween lights with eyeball shapes to surprise her gets. Barbie also makes some colorful candies and drinks for the Halloween. Other Barbie dolls arrive for the party dress up as Beauty Bell and the Beast, Lady Bug, Frozen Elsa and Anna and Superwoman. This is a fun way to learn to decorate your house, even a doll one for any festivity and celebration. Also the video promotes creativity by swapping doll clothes to make halloween costumes. Once again at Play Toys Channel we promote the ability to create numerous role plays with the same dolls and realtaed accessories for sustainable child pretend play. Enjoy the video:

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