Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll Morning Routine for Outdoor Activity Sports with Baby Dolls


Barbie Dolls morning routine in the pink Barbie dollhouse bedroom with doll wardrobe for fun dressup pretend play for kids. Barbie dolls wake up and go to the glam bathroom to take shower and bath when the baby dolls Chelsea and Annabell join in the bath tub for fun morning ritual. You can use your doll house furniture to set up fun scenes for the dolls for role play to help learn all morning routines. After all dolls are dress up in glam outfits and they have packed their sports bags with sport’s doll clothes for tennis and ballet, dolls jump in Barbie pink car. This short kid-friendly videos show various ways of using the same toys for pretend play with baby dolls, encourages child’s imagination and helps small kids learn their morning routines. See how we did it:

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